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Crabby nanostructures

By Thanh Nguyen Chitin nanofibers are an abundant, renewable resource from waste crab shells. Chitin fibers from specific crab shells are arranged in a way that gives it unique properties, providing the fascinating idea of preparing nanomaterials in the lab that mimic … Continue reading

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Novel PPV/Mesoporous Organosilica Composites

By Hessam Mehr We have made an exciting new composite material in our lab. In a composite material, two or more chemicals are finely mingled without changing their identity, just like raisins and dough in raisin cookies, to make a … Continue reading

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Natural Gas Powered Vehicles

by Susan Vickers Transport is a major contributor to the causes of global warming. In fact, 28% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are from transport. This contribution to global warming keeps rising as our use of cars, trucks and other … Continue reading

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