Current Members

Dr. Mark MacLachlan

Dr. MacLachlan grew up in Quesnel, BC and completed his BSc degree at UBC. He then completed his PhD at UofT (I. Manners & G. Ozin; inorganic maOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAterials, polymers, and molecules) and a post-doc at MIT (T. Swager; organic materials). Dr. MacLachlan has taught Chemistry 121 (General Chemistry), 202 (Coordination Chemistry), 427/527 (Materials Chemistry), and 414/525 (Adv. Coord. Chem.). His research is in the area of supramolecular materials. He loves the world of materials chemistry – organic, inorganic, porous materials, crystals, polymers… When not in the department, Dr. MacLachlan enjoys drinking coffee, running, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Thanh NguyenThanh

Thanh-Dinh was born in the citadel of Hue imperial city in Vietnam having crossing of the gentle and romantic perfume river and completed his BSc (2003) and MSc (2006) degrees in Chemistry at Hue University. In 2007, he moved to Quebec, Canada and completed his PhD in 2011 at Laval University with Prof. Trong-On Do on shape-controlled inorganic nanocrystals. He got married to his lovely wife Minh-Chau and has a cute son “Little elephant” Kelvin throughout the last year of graduate school. He joined Mark MacLachlan group in Feb. 2011 and has been working as a post-doc on nematic or chiral nematic mesoporous films. He enjoys drinking coffee, cooking, running, playing soccer, and spending time with his family in his spare time.

Dr. Nick White

Nick completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Otago in Nickhis home town of Dunedin, New Zealand (working on transition metal complexes with Prof. Sally Brooker). After a short break working and then travelling, he completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford, working with Prof. Paul Beer making rotaxanes and catenanes for anion recognition applications. He is now a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow in the MacLachlan group working on supramolecular materials based on triptycene and silsesquioxanes (although he has difficulty convincing people he’s old enough to be a post-doc). Outside of chemistry, Nick is a keen rock climber, and is enjoying being close to the world-class rock at Squamish. He also enjoys running, playing guitar, listening to music, and drinking good coffee.

Dr. Mostofa Kamal KhanKamal

Kamal was born and raised in a small village of Bangladesh with a big hope to be the kindest medical doctor of the country (to conform to the essay writings titled “Aim in Life” in his secondary schools). However, for various socio-economic problems that hope faded away and he got admission at Jahangirnagar University where he pursued his B.Sc (1997) and M.Sc (1999) in Chemistry. After his graduation from Jahangirnagar University, he took several job positions in various government sectors of Bangladesh including petroleum exploration and production, academia and nuclear research. In 2005, he moved to Canada for his PhD at Carleton University with Prof. P. R. Sundararajan. He then fled to Vancouver to get rid of the frigid winter of Ottawa after his graduation from Carleton. Now, he is a post-doctoral fellow working on a project that deals with the synthesis of nanoporous materials and exploration of their potential applications. He likes listening to all sorts of bangla music irrespective of their genre. Kamal likes to be here for the beaches and the mountain ranges that constitute the picture-perfect landscapes of Vancouver. While not in the lab, Kamal enjoys spending time with his family.

Dr. Vitor ZamarionVitor

Vitor originally comes from a cold town (for his standards) in Brazil. He got his PhD in 2012 at University of São Paulo where he worked with Prof. Henrique E. Toma on the development and understanding of SERS sensors. In 2013, there was an opening for a Professorship and he got the job, being hired in the beginning of 2014. He is now a young professor aiming to understand more about surface coordination chemistry from the point of view of plasmonic metallic nanoparticles, trying to establish surface functionalization as local metal-ligand interactions. All of this brought him to Canada, in beautiful Vancouver, to work in the MacLachlan Group as a post-doctoral fellow to explore the chirality of functionalized nanoparticles inside nematic nano/mesoporous materials. When not in the Lab, he enjoys reading, traveling, biking, swimming, taking (a lot of) pictures, being with his family and watching TV shows.

Dr. Greg Gibson
Greg grew up in Victoria, BC and completed his B.Sc. degree at the University of Victoria. He undertook an undergraduate thesis project with Prof. Lisa Rosenberg on chiral Ru-phosphine complexes. Subsequently he moved to the University of Toronto for a Ph.D. with Prof. Dwight Seferos. There he studied how large group 14 and group 16 atoms affect conjugated polymer optical and electronic properties. While at U of T he served as President of the Chemistry Graduate Student Union and he won the 2014-15 Croft Teaching Assistant Award for tutorial instruction. Currently Greg is a post-doctoral fellow working with Mark MacLachlan on macrocycles with interesting opto-electronic, self-assembly, and metal binding properties. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, making curry, hot yoga classes with his wife, Larisa, and watching Spurs play well enough to finish fifth.

Susan Vickers
Susan Vickers is originally from Scotland and has a M.Sci. from the University of Glasgow. After spending a summerduring her undergrad cleaning hotel rooms in Whistler, she decided Canada was the place to be. She is currently working on her PhD in the IMG_0629MacLachlan lab, developing new catalysts for natural gas powered vehicles. Susan loves to talk, sometimes about science, so in between experiments she usually spends her time bugging her labmates to join her for some sort of outreach event. When not in the lab Susan can be found baking, skiing/falling down Whistler mountains and scouting out places in Vancouver that sell Irn Bru!

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Brian Sahli

Brian was born in Windsor, Ontario but considers himself a Detroit native as far as pro sports are concerned. After graduating with a B.Sc. in chemistry from the University of Windsor he needed to explore the world and found himself on the sunny beaches of Australia and Southeast Asia, although he was still unable to achieve a decent taBriann. Upon his return one year later he decided Windsor was not the place for him so he drove 3000 km to Vancouver (through the US of course; who wants to see Saskatchewan?) in an attempt to find work during the worst recession since the Great Depression. Though he was eventually successful it was clear to Brian that it was time to return to school, and in January 2010 he began his Ph.D. studies in the MacLachlan group in macrocycle chemistry. In his spare time Brian enjoys eating, sleeping, and playing guitar.

Zhengyu ChenZhengyu

Zhengyu was born in China and completed his B.Sc. degree in chemistry at Nanjing University. In 2010, Zhengyu flew across the Pacific to Vancouver to begin the battle for a Ph.D. degree. Despite his undergraduate training in computational/theorectical chemistry, he found his interests in inorganic chemistry and joined the MacLachlan group in late 2010. He is currently working to develop new macrocycles and study their coordination chemistry. When not in the lab, Zhengyu enjoys playing billiards, table tennis and soccer, and especially likes having snacks while reading novels!

Hessam MehrHessam

Hessam comes from Iran, where he used to work as a chemistry teacher. An engineer by training, his fascination with chemistry meant he would show up at Mark’s MacLachlan. He is a very cheerful chemist in general; his fatal weakness is department seminars like IDG (but he’s working on it). Outside the lab he enjoys cooking with/for friends, taking long walks around campus, watching Monty Python, and confusing people by relentlessly smiling at them.

Andrea TerpstraAndrea

Andrea was born in Prince Rupert, BC, but shortly afterwards moved farther inland to Wild Rose Country (Alberta) where she grew up in the beautiful city of Calgary. She graduated from the University of Calgary with two degrees: B.Sc Chemistry Honours and B.Sc Biochemistry and had the privilege of researching p-type discotic liquid crystals for solar cells with Dr. Todd Sutherland, UofC. After working as an environmental chemist at TRIUM Environmental in Cochrane, AB, she decided that a break from the cold Alberta winters was necessary. In 2012, she returned to the west coast to purse a PhD degree in the MacLachlan Group investigating novel porous inorganic materials. When not in lab, she enjoys skiing/snowboarding, biking and spending time with family and friends.

Veronica Carta

Veronica grew up in a small and quiet seaside town in central Italy called Senigallia. In 2006 she did her little coast to coast (300 km!) to move to Rome where she finished her BSc and MSc in chemistry. Enjoying the big city lifestyle but missing the quiet of her hometown, sVeronicahe thought that Vancouver could be a good compromise and moved here in 2012, joining MacLachlan’s group. Now she is working in developing new materials for dye-sensitized solar cells. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys playing the violin, listening to prog-rock music and skiing.

Guillaume Beaulieu-Houle

Follow Guillaume on TwitterGuillaume Website

Guillaume was born and educated in Quebec where he attended McGill University for his undergraduate degree and worked under the supervision of Dr. Ian S. Butler (High-Pressure Raman Spectroscopy of Artist Pigments) and Dr. Christopher J. Barrett (Self-Cleaning surfaces). In 2012 he bid farewell to the freezing winters of Montreal to start his PhD in the MacLachlan group. Outside the lab Guillaume likes to remind everyone of the importance of French in Canada, biking and watching TV.

Debbie LeDebbie was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. After high schooDebbiel, she moved to Burnaby, where she completed her undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University. After a wonderful time working with Prof. Danny Leznoff on heterobimetallic coordination polymers, Debbie decided to make the journey all the way to Vancouver proper and pursue graduate studies with the MacLachlan Group. Here, she is working on polymetallic “picture frame complexes”. Apart from chemistry, her loves include knitting, baking, insects, and the ocean.

Lev Lewis

Lev is from beautiful Sydney, Australia. He compLevleted his Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology with Honours working with A/Prof. Pall Thordarson and Prof. Peter Gunning at the University of New South Wales. He then worked as a research assistant in an advanced fluorescence microscopy lab with the Biomedical Imaging Facility at UNSW for nearly two years before making the move to UBC in August 2014, to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. In the MacLachlan group, Lev is working on the development of photonic materials using nanocrystalline cellulose. He enjoys football, cooking and travelling.

Peixi WangPeixi

Peixi was born in an ancient city in central China named Kaifeng. He went to Jilin University in Changchun in 2010 to study chemistry and completed his BSc degree in that extremely cold but beautiful city four years later, then he joined the MacLachlan group as a new PhD student in Sep. 2014 for his interest in microscopic control of chemical processes and materials, his first research project will be related to template synthesis of inorganic solids. He enjoys playing guqin, an ancient Chinese instrument in his spare time.

Becky Winnick

Becky grew up near Seattle, Washington, and earned her B.Sc. degree in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry from the Evergreen State College in OBeckylympia, Washington. She then took off to Missoula, Montana for two years where she designed sustainable flavor and fragrance products for the company Blue Marble Biomaterials. Now she is excited to be back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, researching Nanomaterials Chemistry with the MacLachlan group. Becky is motivated to use chemistry to make a positive impact on the environment. In her infinite spare time Becky enjoys playing Old Time fiddle and guitar, singing (especially Shape Note singing), square dancing, Argentine Tango, Blues dance, bicycling, and environmental restoration.


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