Past Members

Katrina NiKatrina

Lichen(Katrina) Ni is another Chinese girl in the lab. She finished her B.Sc. degree in Nanjing University and found her way in UBC to continue her study as well as experience the beautiful Vancouver! She joined MacLachlan’s group because of her interest in materials chemistry and previous experience in inorganic chemistry research back in Nanjing University. She is so excited to be in this energetic group, meeting all the nice people! She spends her time outside the lab with friends, cooking, shopping and sightseeing. She believes in the saying “work hard, play hard” and wishes to make the next few years in UBC worthwhilAmbere!

Amber Shukaliak

Amber was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up near a small town located halfway between Edmonton and Jasper. This location allowed for most winters weekends to be spent snowboarding in the rockies, while remaining somewhat close to civilization. She completed her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Alberta, and had the chance to partake in research studying photo luminescent silicon nanocrystals in Dr. Jonathan Veinot’s lab. She recently joined the MacLachlan group to pursue a MSc in materials chemistry and so far has been studying photonic hydrogels.

Angela Crane

Angela, a proud Newfoundlander, made the crossAngela-country trek from coast to coast to join the MacLachlan group at UBC in 2008. While completing a joint B. Sc. Honours degree in applied math and chemistry at Memorial University, Angela tried her hand at a number of chemistry disciplines including computational/theorectical (Dr. Ray Poirier, MUN), catalysis/high-throughput methods (Dr. Deryn Fogg, OttawaU) and inert atmosphere synthesis of transition metal complexes (Dr. Chris Kozak, MUN). When it was all said and done, synthesis was where her heart was, so now she can be found making metal complexes for supramolecular chemistry and hydrogen storage applications as part of her Ph.D program. In her spare time, you can find her heading up a Girl Guide Unit or busting stress with the UBC-CGSS!

Nathanya Platt

Nathanya is a visiting student from the University of SoutNathanyahampton in the UK. Always keen to travel, she jumped at the opportunity to study abroad forsix months and joined the MacLachlan group in July 2014 to complete a research project for her MChem degree. She is working with Veronica to develop new materials for dye sensitized solar cells. In her spare time, Nat enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee, hiking and drinking tea (a true Brit!).

Dr. Lina Blusch

Lina finished her PhD at the University of Göttingen in Germany where she also met and got married to her charming husband Hänna. In Goettingen she worked with Prof. F. Meyer on the synthesis and investigation of the so called “Siamese-twin Porphyrin” and its Linabimetallic complexes. Lina joined the MacLachlan group in February 2013 as a postdoctoral Humboldt fellow. Here, she works on the post polymerization modification of block copolymers and their subsequent binding to zinc acetate to create patterned surfaces. In her free time she loves to play basketball and the guitar ever since she was a kid. As a passionate vegetarian chef, she relaxes while browsing vegetarian cooking magazines.

Dr. Maik SchlesingerMaik

Maik received his PhD at the University of Technology Chemnitz (Germany) where he worked with Prof. M. Mehring on metal-organic frameworks, bismuth oxido clusters and metastable bismuth oxides. After a short trip to the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia (Prof. P. Andrews) for antimicrobial studies he joined the MacLachlan group in November 2013 as a postdoctoral DAAD fellow (German Academic Exchange Service). Here, he works on chiral nematic mesoporous materials and metal nanoparticles. Beside chemistry he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, travelling around, running and playing soccer.

Dr. Michael GieseMichael

Michael studied chemistry at the RWTH Aachen University (Germany) where he worked with Prof. Markus Albrecht in the field of anion recognition. After receiving his Dr. rer. nat. degree in winter 2011 he joined the MacLachlan group as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Fellow. Here he is working on functional materials obtained by molecular self-assembly. These materials exhibit outstanding optical and mechanical properties due to their nanostructures which can be controlled by external stimuli. Outside the lab, Michael enjoys running, hiking, traveling and reading.

Dr. Joel Kelly

From Edmonton, Alberta, Joel completed his PhD in 2011 at the University Joelof Alberta with Dr. Jonathan Veinot on photoluminescent silicon nanocrystals. After getting married to his lovely wife Bethany, he came to UBC in September 2011, and has been working on making new materials with chiral nematic structures. He likes brewing beer in his spare time and has strong opinions about fonts (Helvetica, never Arial).

Clement Cheung

ClementClement is a typical Asian guy that was born in Hong Kong, moved to Vancouver since he was 7 to live in a coveted place called Richmond – the “Real Chinatown” in BC. Ever since he got access to science books he has been intrigued by the way things worked around the world. Eventually, after going through the “doctor or lawyer” contemplation, he insisted in doing chemistry and has done his bachelors at UBC. Between all the havoc however, he enjoys watching movies and going biking around town.


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